27 mars 2012

And today my new baby arrived! Ripped it open at the store and went out to try it at once :) and i love love love it! <3 ^^ Beautiful hu? went for the Paris 180mm Adam Colton trucks and purple Durian wheels from Orangatang, so nice looking, really "Penny" hehe.

26 mars 2012

A 10km walk with the boys after 1 hour trip around town on inlines ^^ -phew! Nice day. On our way back into city now.. hungry -Rrrr >.^

A perfect day for inlines <3

25 mars 2012

Today after the gym i got homemade waffles at my parents :) yumyum!

24 mars 2012

Isak also wanted a new tattoo ^^ かわいいですよね!〜

23 mars 2012

Finally ordered my longboard :D

Went for this one:


22 mars 2012

Left work earlier today, yey! Should have worked 10am to 8pm >.< Went home to get Emin and we walked to picked up his new longboard ^^ soo nice! We chilled with it down to our towns castle to meet up with Charlie and Marcus who chilled out in the sun :) Charlie tryes to climb over one of the walls (the yellow monkey in the pic) haha ^^

19 mars 2012

Got my new protein and pre-workout today :) tomorrow i'm getting killed at the gym by Jimmy, hope i'm gona make it hehe.

This morning it was time to get my teeth checked out, had one tooth that i need to get fixed later.. bah ^^ ah well. My mother saw my new tattoo and really didnt like it hehe, wanted to make me promise that this was the last one :P .. could'nt make that one yet.. ^^

17 mars 2012

Today at the gym, 2 hours of training this morning.. i'm starting to get back in shape :D .. and right now in my newly ripped white jeans :) nice huh? ^^

16 mars 2012

At the movies with Emin :) to see Chronicles, sweet ^^

Awesomeness <3

Now i'm getting my 7'th tattoo done ^^ pics will come up here later :)

14 mars 2012

今、^^ 私の家で

Worked half day this sunny wednesday then trained, got tanned and after my shower Emin came by :) We chilled out for a while then walked into town, shopped a bad ass (oh yes ^^) pair of jeans and a nice shirt for him. And I just bought some new rings and a black cardigan, happy :D
Now we just ate and soon Axel will be here to start the guys night out :)

11 mars 2012

Sunday morning and having breakfast with Emin out on my balcony :) risifrutti and toast <3

9 mars 2012

Time to start the evening and make this friday count ^^

8 mars 2012

Emin bought some jelly beans today, never thought tasting candy could be that much fun haha ^^

My new jeans shorts <3 best buy so far 2012 ^^ Will probably become one of my favorite piece this summer :)

At the gym, have been training a lot the last few weeks, beach 2012 here we go :) Love my life at the moment, living it instead of writing about it, so sorry for my bad updates lately.
Haha look at Axel's long hair,. so cute in his pony tails,. ^^

6 mars 2012

Assassins Creed outfit today <3 only to be able to wear my new necklace mouhah ^^

5 mars 2012

So today's my birthday ^^ and up until now, it's been a great day :) Axel just left and Emin just arrived, with a cake from Axel and a present from Emin! :D Love my new Thomas Sabo necklace - my sword <3

4 mars 2012

Yesterday was a nice saturday :) worked a few hours, trained, got tanned, picked up Emin and went to Mediamarkt to buy a new power supply for my MacBook, got a new game as well hehe. After that we went shopping for grocerys. Made some toasts with chicken, bananas, cheese and curry - so good ^^ Bought a new clock as well that now hangs in my kitchen :)

1 mars 2012

After breakfast we went in to the gamestore looking for another game when Emin picked up this one :) It's co-op with split screen and war, that's the most important features ^^ Then we went shopping some new clothes :) Now i'm at my brothers, lying on the couch with a little stomach ache, but still a very good day! <3