29 feb. 2012

After work today my brother came and dropped Isak off, got to have him a couple of hours today :) We went to McDonald's,. i personally don't like McD that much, but Isak wanted a toy in a box together with a hamburger and over fried fries,. ofc ^^ so i got him that and i ate the 4 carrots that he got to that ><. After Mcd we went to "Leo's Playground", a paradise if you're 5 years old.. or in your 20's ;D. I was totally exhausted when they closed at 7pm hehe. He didn't want to leave, mission completed. Best day ever with Isak <3 

28 feb. 2012

Sky <3

In the park outside my house with Emin :)

25 feb. 2012

Last minute movie with Charlie and Marcus :)

24 feb. 2012


At my brothers for a coffee, hope my stomach can handle this today ^^

22 feb. 2012

Having a coffee with Emin and Charlie in town :) Need to eat something, starving, have'nt eaten all day :/ ah well, nice time with the boys and a coffee :)

21 feb. 2012

Once again another epic day :) trained, tanned, had breakfast, played mario kart Wii with Emin, took à walk and bought Donkey Kong country returns to Wii :) afterwards we went shopping food to cook with Charlie when we got home. Yum yum :D

20 feb. 2012

After todays training at the gym came Emin by with breakfast :D we ate then walked in to town, bought a 3.5mm --> 2RCA cable to my computer and stereo, now we can play video games and listen to music from my Mac at the same time,. very important. Then had lunch and shopped some things for tonight. Walked home and have now played some,. and listen to the best song right now:

18 feb. 2012

Yep, it's that time of the year :)

17 feb. 2012

This week ive been busy busy, work, training, cooking food with Emin and Charlie and sometimes Axel, Alle and Robin stopped by :) Really good week.

14 feb. 2012

Sign   ➜   here   :)

12 feb. 2012

An epic Sunday with some training at the gym, grocery shopping with Emin and Charlie, cooking dinner (mostly Charlie^^), eat good food and now some chill with a movie :)

11 feb. 2012

At work ><,. but only 3 hours left, so not that bad, and Axel will show up within this hour :) Then i will hit the gym for the second time these two month ^^ phew. But when I get home, Charlie will have cooked a big dinner and Emin will have bought Reckoning, a new game. We finished our first run through in LotR: War in the North yesterday - nice :)

7 feb. 2012

Just made 9 big chocolate muffins for me and the boys :D gaming and movie night with muffins this tuesday <3

5 feb. 2012

Ouff >.<

Last days have been like one day, they've all been looking the same ^^ gaming War in the North with Emin and nice food :) Just filled up our water bottles hehe.

2 feb. 2012

Mugen from Samurai Champloo <3