31 jan. 2012

Some gaming with Emin tonight! :) we just bought Lord of the Rings: War in the North, nice hehe ^^

30 jan. 2012

Alice in Wonderland with Emin :) Hope my headache soon will be gone >.<#

27 jan. 2012

Just been with Charlie to shop the candy for the evening, no one wanted something so.. lollipops it is :P

Cut my Batman t-shirt earlier, much better now ^^

26 jan. 2012

Face Off - What a movie :) Watching it now with Emin and Charlie. Long time since i last saw it. Perfect thursday movie!

Some nice tattos from Nikko Hurtado, his work is .. I'm quoting Chris René "that blew my mind man, that blew my mind.." ^^

25 jan. 2012

A 10km walk with Anja :)

24 jan. 2012

Slept long today, oh nice :) Went up and went out to meet Emin, Marcus and Charlie outside Subway for some breakfast. Now we're at my place just listen to music and talking shit ^^

23 jan. 2012

Met up with Henke after work, we ate and now we're at his new place watching funny shit on youtube ^^ He just moved a few hundred meters from me :)

22 jan. 2012

Spent all day in my new soft pants :) slow day with only one visitor.. Alexander who only was here a few hours.

Hahaha <3

21 jan. 2012

This day starts with breakfast and coffee with Nikolina :D

20 jan. 2012

Got through one of my 14mm tunnels yesterday :D hurt like hell, but now it just have to heal. Now i'm home with Axel and soon Charlie and Emin will show up! Hey hey friday!

19 jan. 2012

Alle and Emin came by, Alle just bought himself a pair of Beats by Dre :) his birthday is coming up this tuesday so he had to buy himself a present right.

18 jan. 2012

Just got home and noticed that my dishes was clean and found filled bottles with water in my refrigerator :) Emin had done it earlier while i was working and he was hanging out in my apartment, yey! :D Last time Axel did it and the time before, Alle hehe, love my boys <3

Continued drawing on my tattoo scetch today to, will re-do the whole thing on a clean bigger paper soon and mail it over to Diego, the tattoo artist, so he can redraw it into "realistic" from my cartoonish scetch ^^ Cause today they called, first out of 4 sittings is scheduled the 17th of May :D 4 month from now.. long time ><# But don't care, he have to do it :)

(isn't gona have the feather ON the bird, and you're going to see the birds eye in the skulls eyelobe while he reaches for the diamonds:)

17 jan. 2012

Just walked one and a half hour with Anja <3 Long time since we catched up so a walk did the trick :) Now i'm back in my couch waiting for Tess with Emin and Axel! .. and Axel is showing us his new blog :P

Now i finally know what i want on my arm :) i only have to wait for him to call, he has a lot of appointments so it will probably take some time, but don't care, he's the best in town :) Started to sketch out the sleeve today at work, just so he gets my idea how I would like it to be. Not even close to finish it yet, but still,. here it is :)

At work with my boys :) My boss last day today so we got a lot of good sh*t hehe. Didn't eat any of it though ^^

16 jan. 2012

Killing some time at work today :) and it became this sugerskull, soon finished, maybe tomorrow.

14 jan. 2012

Just fixed Spotify Premium,. damn, just couldn't listen to the commercials any more >.<# Omg they're annoying! bah!.

Town today went smooth, just circulated in my own bubble and found two tank tops with sugarskull heads on that I liked and one pair of marine colored pants :) smooth. I've already cut one of the tank tops, much better. Whapwhap ^^

Hit the town, hope ill find something nice :) then ill show you guys! First, out with my new Daniel Silver art Acne shirt and Nirvana in my headphones :)

13 jan. 2012

Tonight: Chillin' with Emin, Axel, Alle and Macke :)

12 jan. 2012

Just came to my brother, it's raining like crazy, the sky will fall down soon if it doesn't stop. Its so cold in my apartment that i needed to flee here, where its warm and nice. Got my new shirt yesterday, my first real shirt haha ^^ now I have something to wear when I need to be a little more proper :P
Later, meeting up Emin and Axel @ my place to watch Blue Planet :)

Sry for the ugly new blog hehe, just need a day or two to fix my design again :)