5 apr. 2012

Best end on a perfect day <3

1 apr. 2012

Soft day with Emin. Last night was crazy, weird and fun as hell :D Michel picked me up after work and Emin was already at my place. We hanged out and Michel convinced us to go out with him ^^ we're glad we did <3 One of the best weekends, for sure.
Now, pizza :)

27 mars 2012

And today my new baby arrived! Ripped it open at the store and went out to try it at once :) and i love love love it! <3 ^^ Beautiful hu? went for the Paris 180mm Adam Colton trucks and purple Durian wheels from Orangatang, so nice looking, really "Penny" hehe.

26 mars 2012

A 10km walk with the boys after 1 hour trip around town on inlines ^^ -phew! Nice day. On our way back into city now.. hungry -Rrrr >.^

A perfect day for inlines <3

25 mars 2012

Today after the gym i got homemade waffles at my parents :) yumyum!

24 mars 2012

Isak also wanted a new tattoo ^^ かわいいですよね!〜

23 mars 2012

Finally ordered my longboard :D

Went for this one:


22 mars 2012

Left work earlier today, yey! Should have worked 10am to 8pm >.< Went home to get Emin and we walked to picked up his new longboard ^^ soo nice! We chilled with it down to our towns castle to meet up with Charlie and Marcus who chilled out in the sun :) Charlie tryes to climb over one of the walls (the yellow monkey in the pic) haha ^^

19 mars 2012

Got my new protein and pre-workout today :) tomorrow i'm getting killed at the gym by Jimmy, hope i'm gona make it hehe.

This morning it was time to get my teeth checked out, had one tooth that i need to get fixed later.. bah ^^ ah well. My mother saw my new tattoo and really didnt like it hehe, wanted to make me promise that this was the last one :P .. could'nt make that one yet.. ^^

17 mars 2012

Today at the gym, 2 hours of training this morning.. i'm starting to get back in shape :D .. and right now in my newly ripped white jeans :) nice huh? ^^

16 mars 2012

At the movies with Emin :) to see Chronicles, sweet ^^

Awesomeness <3

Now i'm getting my 7'th tattoo done ^^ pics will come up here later :)

14 mars 2012

今、^^ 私の家で